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adam :: Blog :: Rihanna filed suit for defects in his mansion
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adam :: Blog :: Rihanna filed suit for defects in his mansion

September 01, 2011

The singer filed a lawsuit against the real estate firm Prudential California Realty, because, he says, your home has many structural defects that can not live there.

 Pop star Rihanna has just launched a lawsuit against a real estate firmand several companies that designed and inspected his mansion in Beverly Hills, because she says, is so flawed that it is impossible to live there. The singer of "S & M" paid $ 6.9 million for housing in 2009. TMZ.com reports the portal during a storm in 2010, water leaked in several rooms , from a balcony does not have a proper pitch and drainage.The lawsuit alleges that the damage left the house in a "habitable "and that the company remodeled his house has not made ​​the necessary repairs. Rihanna is suing the former owner of the house, inspector, real estate agents involved in the sale, and engineers who worked on the house. 

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