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<![CDATA[Natalie Sayin : Activity]]> Elgg http://www.realestatepr.org/altinkum/ <![CDATA[The summer season is over....]]> http://www.realestatepr.org/altinkum/weblog/1007.html http://www.realestatepr.org/altinkum/weblog/1007.html Tue, 03 Nov 2009 13:11:16 GMT So the summer season is over and it appears that on the Aegean coast of Turkey that sales of property have not been so good. Partly due to the recession however more and more stories are now appearing of how builders are going bankrupt in turn leaving buyers with no house and no money. This is because of the lengthy miltary search that has to take place when foreigners purchase property in Turkey. The government has pledged to look into this hopefully they will not take too long about it. At present I urge all potential buyers to question, question and question before making any commitment to buy property.

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